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Download music from YouTube on mobile devices

YouTube Downloader for iPhone

Download YouTube videos and audio files directly on your iPhone. YoutubeDownload team is working on it and will make it available shortly.

YouTube Downloader for Android

Download YouTube videos and audio files directly on your smartphone. YoutubeDownload team is working on it and will make it available soon.
Questions and Answers
Even it is so simple, we understand you may still have some questions.
We are more than happy to answer the most frequently asked once right here.
Obviously Google doesn't want you to download its content on your computer, however if you are downloading for personal use, it is not illegal to download a YouTube video.
YoutubeDownload service respects owners' rights and discourages users to use videos for anything that is against the copyright protection terms and conditions. Copyright infringement is in no way allowed on YoutubeDownload, and all the copyrighted contents are blocked from being displayed in the search results.
It is absolutely safe to download with YoutubeDownload. We are not responsible for the downloaded content itself, because we don't own it or developed it, but we guarantee the safety of our online downloading service.
YoutubeDownload doesn’t offer this option, however if you have permission and access to a private video through your account, you can try Airy app, which offers this possibility.
Most of the time online YouTube downloaders that claim to be free make money by pushing ads on their users. This can be quite annoying. YoutubeDownload is not like that - it is free of charge and free of any advertising.
YoutubeDownload does not collect any data about your account, videos you download or else.
No limitations, you can download as many videos as you want.
YoutubeDownload is an online service that you can access in your web browsers, so basically you can use it on any device connected to the Internet.
Yes. Just copy the download link to clipboard and send it directly to your friends in a text or email or any regular way of your communication.
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