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Offering a complete tool kit for YouTube converting and downloading of several different file formats and quality settings, YoutubeDownload is a service you definitely want to save in your bookmarks. Instantly download all your favourite YouTube content using our YouTube MP3 downloader Chrome.

Unlimited Service - YouTube downloader MP3 Chrome

Download as many YouTube videos as you wish and save them as audio or video files on your computer with YoutubeDownload. Enjoy a free, fast and unlimited experience!

Choose Your Preferred Format

YoutubeDownload is a Chrome YouTube MP3 downloader that aims to always stay up to the newest trends. That’s why, besides offering an YouTube to MP3, you can also save video files at different resolutions: 44p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, or 1080p.

Transform YouTube to MP3

Use YoutubeDownload Chrome YouTube downloader MP3 to transform your YouTube playlists into playlists that can be saved on your computer for offline listening. Only YouTube now offers this great convenience and you can enjoy it for free and with no ads.
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Search Function - Instantly Locate the Desired Content

Using our YouTube downloader MP3 Chrome converter is extremely easy. You choose the YouTube video that you wish to convert and get going. If you don’t have an URL for the YouTube video, there’s nothing to worry about. Locate it in seconds with the find function incorporated in YoutubeDownload.

YouTube to MP4 Conversion

It’s no secret that MP4 is among the most popular video formats available. And since YoutubeDownload aims to be a complete Google Chrome YouTube MP3 downloader, it also offers you the option to save YouTube files as MP4.

Faster Downloads - Change the URL

If you want to find a way to use our YouTube MP3 downloader Chrome faster, simply modify the base URL from to Place this link in your browser or just press enter if you modified in the address bar directly and your download will start.

Sign-up Not Required

Using our YouTube downloader MP3 Chrome will require no sign-up or personal details sharing. It’s a 100% free service that you can use anonymously and without creating an account or logging in.

YoutubeDownload - Available in Any Browser

Indeed, we presented it as a Google Chrome YouTube MP3 downloader, however, YoutubeDownload offers the same exact quality service in any browser you use it in. Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera, take your pick.

How to Download Your YouTube Content Using YoutubeDownload

Free downloading of YouTube videos and MP3 in seconds
Step 1 — Search for the YouTube video or directly paste the URL

Step 1 — Search for the YouTube video or directly paste the URL

Just like the search bar in YouTube, YoutubeDownload has a fast and accurate search function. If you don’t have the URL to paste, quickly locate the content you want to download.
Step 2 — Select Format and Resolution

Step 2 — Select Format and Resolution

Before you press Download, make sure you select the preferred format and quality for your final file.

YouTube Music Conversion on mobile devices

YouTube Downloader for iPhone

Unfortunately, this feature of YoutubeDownload is not just yet available. Our developers are working on it and it will be launched soon.

YouTube Downloader for Android

Use your Android phone or tablet to access our YouTube MP3 downloader Chrome. Enjoy the same high-quality conversion directly on your phone as well.
Questions and Answers
After going through all the aspects regarding YoutubeDownload, everything should be transparent on how the entire process works. If you do have further questions, check out the FAQs below.
To put it shortly, yes it is legal! There are some nuances of the story when talking about what you do with the content after you download it. If it’s for personal use, you won’t have any kind of issues. There’s a strict copyright policy that YoutubeDownload enforces and all the YouTube videos that are protected by strict copyright agreements are not displayed in the search results of YoutubeDownload.
Our YouTube downloader MP3 Chrome is entirely safe.The content you download can’t be vouched for sine it’s not the property of YoutubeDownload, however, when it comes to the service you can rest assured that it’s 100% safe.
Right now YoutubeDownload does not offer this function. If you do want to convert YouTube private videos, you can try Airy downloader if you have access to these videos.
Yes, it is! The YouTube MP3 downloader Chrome service that we offer is free and it will stay that way. YoutubeDownload is the only YouTube converter to completely remove ads from their website while offering a free service.
You’ll need to delete your cache if you want the YouTube MP3 downloader Chrome to work after getting stuck. If after you do that and restart the browser, in case you get the same issue again just try a different browser.
Depending on your operating system or browser settings, files can be saved in different locations. Ctrl + J (‘⌘ + Shift + J’ for Mac users) is the key combination that will open the recent downloads list in your browser and let you see the exact path of the downloaded file.
YoutubeDownload YouTube downloader MP3 Chrome has no limitation. You can use it as often as you wish.
Since it’s a strictly online service, YoutubeDownload can be accessed from any device that can connect to the internet, no need to worry about different OS.
Click on the Social Media plugin buttons on the page or copy the download link and manually share it with friends.
The quality of the audio files you save with YoutubeDownload remains the same on all files.
YoutubeDownload’s online service doesn’t offer private video downloading. However, if you really need to download private videos and you have access to them, you can use Airy for that.
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