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Downloading embedded YouTube videos to your hard disk can be a big problem as this feature is not included in the YouTube functionality. Multiple software solutions and online services allow to save YouTube content quickly and easily but the quality of downloaded files that they deliver may be poor. That’s why we have developed the online service that finds and downloads the media from the world’s number one video website in all acceptable YouTube formats. It carefully preserves the highest video quality and saves you from any efforts or pains. Meet YoutubeDownload!
YoutubeDownload is the web resource you need if you don’t bother about standalone apps that deliver web media to your computer. With this service you will download embedded videos YouTube offers very easily, quickly and free.

Downloads within seconds

Big files require a lot of time for saving them on your computer. They are heavy, sometimes inappropriate for some players and online services. But for YoutubeDownload it’s not a problem. This downloader copes with any files. Even with the poor Internet connection you will get your videos in the shortest time.

Different formats

Downloading from the Internet is always risky because the video quality may be lost. YoutubeDownload allows you to choose the format and resolution that fit your video player and personal preferences. Thus, the risk to get a file in the bad quality is reduced to minimum.

Transform YouTube Videos to MP3

If you want to save the soundtrack of a YouTube video you will need an online converter that allows you to perform this task. YoutubeDownload offers you a lot of different options when it comes to convert and download YouTube content, including the ability to download embedded YouTube videos. Choose the preferred format and quality and save the files on your computer or smartphone.

Search videos by name

If you don’t have the URL to the YouTube video you wish to convert, there’s no problem. Using the YoutubeDownload search box you will be able to quickly locate and convert any video.

Transform YouTube to MP4 and Download on Your Computer

For video files, the MP4 format is very popular. So, just in case you were wondering how to download YouTube videos embedded and in what format to save these embedded videos, now you know. Use YoutubeDownload to take care of the job quickly and accurately.

Faster Conversion by substituting the original URL

Transform the original link from to and quickly download embedded videos YouTube has to offer. Once you enter the altered link in the browser, the YouTube video will be ready for download in YoutubeDownload.

Audio extraction

If you need only audio for listening on your smartphone or the video image is not important and the file requires a lot of memory on your computer you can choose any format in the “only audio” block. You’ll get your audio track in the highest quality and in no time.

Comfort, comfort and comfort again

YouTube bothers a lot with its never-ending ads that always interrupt your view and you have to skip them all the time. Many YouTube downloaders irritate with special offers, bonuses and discounts suggested to you for buying their extended and unique features. You won’t find all of this in YoutubeDownload! It’s absolutely free, efficient and working. It doesn’t display you any ads. It doesn’t ask your money. It doesn’t need your account on YouTube, registration, sign-in or subscription to a YouTube channel. It simply works.

How to download embedded YouTube video through YoutubeDownload

Free downloading of YouTube videos in few seconds
Step 1 — Paste YouTube video URL or look for it using its name

Step 1 — Paste YouTube video URL or look for it using its name

Paste the URL directly and click Search or, if you don’t have the URL, use the search function to locate the preferred content.
Step 2 — Select Video Format and Quality to finish the process

Step 2 — Select Video Format and Quality to finish the process

If you are converting to video, you can choose between MP4 or 3GP for your final file. The audio format is MP3 and you only have to choose the one best suited for you.

Download YouTube Embedded Videos on Mobile

YouTube Video Conversion for iPhone

Paste the URL directly and click Search or, if you don’t have the URL, use the search function to locate the preferred content.

YouTube Video Conversion for Android

You can easily download embedded YouTube video directly on your Android device thanks to the mobile function YoutubeDownload offers. Save time by converting the files directly on your smartphone or tablet.
Frequently Asked Questions
We want you to have as much info about YoutubeDownload as possible and that’s why, besides the presentation of the features, we put together a few Frequently asked questions. Here they are:
Yes, you can use YoutubeDownload to download embedded YouTube videos as long as they’re for personal use. Keep in mind that YoutubeDownload service respects owners' rights and radically discourages users use the converted files for in ways that are against the copyright protection terms and conditions. Also, we protect our users as well as stay in line with copyright protection by not displaying content that is subject to copyright in the search results.
No, this is an online service that offers free high-quality YouTube video conversion. No matter if you want to download music or download embedded YouTube videos, it’s 100% free. Also, you won’t have to worry about being spammed by ads like on other free online convertors.
There’s nothing to worry about when it comes to privacy. You don’t need to create an account or share any personal data. And we don’t collect any data from our visitors.
No, there’s no such thing. You can use YouTube now as often as you wish.
Yes, It is 100% safe to download embedded YouTube videos with YoutubeDownload. We can’t be held responsible for the downloaded content itself, since we don't own or develop it. However, as far as the service goes we guarantee the safety of our online downloading service.
Yes. Use the Social Media buttons or copy the URL to share with your friends and family.
The folder where browser downloads are stored can change from one computer to another. The best way to find out where the YoutubeDownload files are saved is pressing Ctrl + J on your keyboard. In the list you will have the exact place where the files are saved.
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