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YoutubeDownload is a reliable and powerful service that will make it extremely easy for any Ubuntu user to convert and download YouTube videos directly on their computer. We all want to have all our favorite songs available without needing the Internet. A plane flight is the perfect example on how beneficial downloading YouTube videos is. You can play all your favorite tunes while your phone is on plane mode. Furthermore, when using this YouTube downloader Ubuntu specialized tool, you also be able to download TV shows, movies, sports games and a lot more YouTube content. Simply enter the URL from the YouTube original file or use the search function and download as much as you want.

Downloads Without Limits

When using YoutubeDownload you don’t have to worry about a download limit or anything like that. The service is totally free and downloads are unlimited. Not only that you won’t have any kind of limitations to think about, our Ubuntu YouTube downloader is also free of ads.

Choose Your Preferred Format

When you’re converting to video you can choose between the 3GP and MP4 formats. MP4 is the most popular format right now, however, just in case you like to go with 3GP, you also have that option. Also, resolution can vary from 144p to 1080p with a lot of stops in between.

YouTube Converter to MP3

Having all your tracks available at a push of a button is something that every music lover wants to have. Thanks to YoutubeDownload you can have that since all your favorite songs can be converted into MP3, M4A or WebM files and stored directly on your hard disk. The Airy downloader is another good example of a converter that offers a lot of formats at different quality rates.

Video Identification by Name

If you do not have the YouTube URL to paste it directly in YoutubeDownload, there’s absolutely no problem. The search box of this complete YouTube downloader for Ubuntu works at very high speeds to locate your videos using the keywords that you insert.

YouTube to MP4 Downloader

If you want to store your video files in the MP4 format, then you should know that YoutubeDownload offers a lot of different resolutions for this format. Simply make sure to select it from the list along with the desired resolution before you download.

Download Even Faster by Modifying the URL

If you want to convert your YouTube videos with a few clicks then you should know that modifying the original link from to is going to start the download immediately. It’s a good trick to know, especially if you’re all about shortcuts.

No Sign-Up Required

To use our YouTube downloader for Linux Ubuntu you won’t ever have to create an account, give your email address or share any other kind of information. You get full access of our tool directly in browser with no strings attached. No personal data is collected and the service won’t ever ask you to pay for Services.

Cross-Browser Support

It really does not matter which internet browser you use to access YoutubeDownload. Being a modern tool that converts any YouTube video into MP3 or video, our website is accessible from any type of browser. So, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla or Opera, you are always going to get the same top-notch quality that you are used with.

Download YouTube Videos via YoutubeDownload

Quick and Free YouTube Videos Converting
Step 1 — Use the Search box or Paste the URL

Step 1 - Use the search box or enter your URL

Either paste a YouTube ULR in the search bar of YoutubeDownload or use the same box to enter the name of the song or some parts of it that you remember. The search engine will locate all songs matching your search and display the results.
Step 2 — Pick the Prefered Video Format and Quality

Step 2 - Decide on the format and quality

Once you are sure of the video you want to convert, proceed with choosing the prefered format and then choose the quality of the final file. After making all those decisions, press Download and you are good to go.

Mobile YouTube Converter

Download Music Directly on iPhone

The team of YouTuibNow is working tirelessly to offer you a fully-dedicated version of our YouTube converter that is compatible with any iOS device.

Download Music Directly on Android

You can save your favorite songs or videos directly on your Android smartphone or tablet thanks to the Android version of YoutubeDownload. Besides being a great YouTube downloader for Ubuntu, our service offers excellent mobile alternatives as well!
Frequently Asked Questions
YoutubeDownload is an online tool that has no complicated settings or anything like that, however, questions still arise about any product out there. Since we want to make sure we deliver the best results to our customers, we have prepared a series of questions and answers.
Even though YouTube is not thrilled about its content being downloaded on personal computers, there is nothing against the law. You can use the downloaded videos as long as you do not share them with anyone else. YoutubeDownload likes to stress the importance of respecting copyright policies and discourages their users to use the content they convert with other intentions other than personal recreation.
You won’t have to worry about using YoutubeDownload from any perspective. The website does not collect any navigation data and all the time spent here you are in complete safety. We can not vouch for the content you download since we are not in charge of developing it.
Unfortunately, YoutubeDownload does not offer support for private YouTube videos, however, you can use Airy downloader if you do have access to a private video.
Yes, YoutubeDownload is completely free and to separate ourselves from other similar services, our YouTube downloader for Linux Ubuntu also does not display any kind of ads. In other words, you can enjoy a safe, fast and reliable converter without being spammed by commercials and other pop-ups.
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