How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3 for Free

There might be a few services out there that promise to allow you free access and download possibility of the YouTube videos. However, out of all of them YoutubeDownload is one of the best YouTube Music Converter to Mp3. One of the many advantages it has is that you don’t need to install additional apps or other services, this service works online and for free. This means that you can download on the spot any movies, music videos or games you like to watch on YouTube. With this YouTube to mp3 music converter you are one step closer to your favorite video!

No Limits on Downloads

That is correct, you won’t have any limitations regarding the maximum number of videos you can download. And all without annoying adds!

Formats Supported

There is nothing to worry when using this online YouTube music converter to MP3, as YoutubeDownload supports plenty of formats, such as 144p, 480p or 1080p.

YouTube Converter to MP3

If you are looking for a free download music from YouTube to MP3 converter, then you are in the right place. You will soon be able to use this service on this website, however meanwhile you can start using Airy downloader.
Here is the fastest way to download music from YouTube

Search and Play

Using YoutubeDownload enables you to take advantage of all the perks of using a YouTube music converter to MP3 free. This means that you just need to write in the name of the video you are looking for and YoutubeDownload will find it for you.

YouTube to MP4 Converter

Due to the fact that MP4 is one of the most popular formats used at the moment, YoutubeDownload is offering the possibility to use this format for their videos. Whenever you open this online converter, all you need to do is to choose the MP4 format option from the list.

Fast Download

When using this online YouTube music converter to MP3, there is a fast way to download your favorite videos. You can do that by just replacing the link name of to

No Need to Have an Account

Being an online converter implies the fact that you don’t need to register an account in order to use this service. You can also use it for free, which makes it even better.

Multiple Platforms Supported

Another advantage of YoutubeDownload is that it can be used across different web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. Using this YouTube to MP3 music converter will allow you to enjoy its services without worrying too much about anything else.

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

How to Download YouTube Videos Fast and Free
Step 1 — Paste in Your Link and Search

Step 1 — Paste in Your Link and Search

In order to start downloading your favorite video, you first need to input the link or type in the name of it and click on Search. By using the Search function, YoutubeDownload will automatically look up your video.
Step 2 — Tailor-Made Experience

Step 2 — Tailor-Made Experience

You can then choose the format, quality and when you want to download your favorite video, as it is now ready to be enjoyed. Clicking on Download will start the downloading process in a second.

YouTube Music Converter on Mobile Devices

Download YouTube Music on iPhone

In case you are wondering if you can download YouTube videos directly on your iPhone, then you need to know that you will be soon able to. This will be made available shortly by our team who is working continuously on it.

YouTube Music Converter on Android

Downloading videos and audio files from YouTube is now available straight on your smartphone. Keep your eyes on this page as this service will be made available shortly by our dedicated team.
Questions and Answers
We are striving to make YoutubeDownload as easy to browse around as possible, so that you won’t spend too much time on understanding its functions. As easy to use as it is, there can be questions related to how to use this service, to which we are happy to answer and clarify.
You most probably won’t encounter such a situation, however, just in case it does happen please, delete your browser cache. Then restart your browser and initialize the process again. Try a different browser if the problem persists.
The destination differs depending on the browser and Operating System. However, if you’re not sure where your files are saved, hit Ctrl + J (‘⌘ + Shift + J’ for Mac users) and you will open the recent downloads tab where you get the full path.
Our free YouTube to MP3 converter service doesn’t come with any limitations. Convert and download as many videos as you want!
Yes, you can access YoutubeDownload from Android and Windows Phone as well. Any device with an internet connection can be used to access YoutubeDownload and convert YouTube videos.
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